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Lindzanity with Howard Lindzon

May 14, 2019

Gary Benitt has been an entrepreneur for almost two decades, founding teams in the B2B and consumer spaces. Most recently, he spent 3 years as COO of after his company, Assistly, was acquired in 2011 by

Gary has been an active investor in early stage companies since 2011, with over 20 investments including Classy, Getaround, Gusto, Gyft and Stitch Labs.

Show Notes:

- Why did Gary become a Venture Capitalist?
- Where did Gary Benitt get his business experience?
- How did he get involved in Social Leverage and meet Howard Lindzon?
- How do you maintain business relationships with partners?
- What should you look for before investing in a business?
- Why do investors get worried when Salesforce acquires a business?
- What's it like working with Howard Lindzon?
- Why did Social Leverage invest in Manscaped?
- What makes work so well?
- How big does a company get before it has it's own ecosystem of companies?
- How to pitch your company to Social Leverage?

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