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Panic with friends - Howard Lindzon

Mar 31, 2020

Technology is now the center of the universe and with it comes tremendous change

Guest - Om Malik, Partner at True Ventures,,

Twitter: @howardlindzon, @trueventures, @om

Mar 31, 2020

Inside the social network of StockTwits


Tommy Tranfo, Community Manager at StockTwits

Riley Rosenberger, Content Manager at StockTwits,

StockTwits/Twitter: @howardlindzon, @TCTRANFO, @coloradoriley

Mar 31, 2020

A view of Fintech from the early stage

Guest - Sheel Mohnot, Partner at Better Tomorrow Ventures

Twitter: @howardlindzon, @pitdesi

Mar 31, 2020

Vix explained — a mathematical expression of volatility

Guest - Greg King, Founder and CEO at Rex Shares,

Twitter: @howardlindzon, @msectors, @REXShares, @OspreyFunds

Mar 31, 2020

Being optimistic but pragmatic post Covid market crash. Demand will return for everything that wasn’t destined to die.

Guest - JP Rangaswami

Twitter: @howardlindzon, @jobsworth