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Panic with friends - Howard Lindzon

Aug 31, 2020

I have a great conversation with Heather Hartnett of Human Ventures in Manhattan. They invest in the ‘human needs economy’ - health, wellness and the future of work.

Guest - Heather Hartnett, CEO and Founding Partner at Human Ventures,

Twitter: @howardlindzon, @HeatherHartnett,...

Aug 27, 2020

Alex Danco works for Shopify Money and also has a masters degree in Neuroscience. He offers great takes on all things Tech and Money. Relax and enjoy.

Guest - Alex Danco of Shopify Money,,

Twitter: @howardlindzon, @Alex_Danco, @knutjensen

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Aug 24, 2020

I love talking stocks and markets with Don Nitti my old friend who has been having a great year navigating the volatility.

Guest - Don Nitti, Portfolio Manager at Sender Company,

Twitter: @howardlindzon, @knutjensen

#fintech #invest #investment #venturecapital #stockmarket #finance

Aug 20, 2020

Brad Feld of Foundry Group in Boulder joins me to talk about Startup Communities and the Democratization of Innovation throughout the world. Brad coined the term Startup Communities with his book on the subject in 2012

Guest - Brad Feld, Managing Director at Foundry Group - Tech Stars, entrepreneur, venture capitalist,...

Aug 17, 2020

I take a deep dive into the markets with Samantha LaDuc - the Master of intermarket analysis to time markets - as the March Panic becomes the Summer FOMO, -and a look ahead.

Guest - Samantha LaDuc, Founder and Captain at LaDuc Trading and LaDuc Capital LLC,