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Lindzanity with Howard Lindzon

Oct 2, 2019

Noah Auerhahn is the Co-Founder and CEO of RobinHealthcare. Robin is a virtual scribe that sits on a doctors desks and records video and audio from the room. This cuts down the man hours that doctors put in on administrative work.

Show Notes:

- What kind of doctor did Robin start with?

- What is RobinHeathcare?

- Who is Noah Auerhahn?

- How did Noah gain knowledge on healthcare?

- How does Robin work?

- What is the best way to attack the industry?

- How much work can you delegate to Robin?

- What was the verbal feedback from doctors?

- Is it more affordable than having a scribe?

- Are doctors seeing more patients with the use of Robin?

- How many people are employed with RobinHealthcare?

- Where did the name 'Robin' come from?

- Where are they hiring?


Connect with Noah and RobinHealthcare:



Instagram: @robinhealthcare