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Lindzanity with Howard Lindzon

Sep 25, 2019

Howard and Farbood discuss more about the Bitcoin influx, Coinmine, Robinhood, Handshake, and the future of cryptocurrency.

They discuss:

- What it's like being on the show for a second time

- Oura Ring

- Bitcoin hash rate at an all time high

- What drove the rise of Bitcoin

- Memetic value

- What gets Farbood excited about Ethereum?

- Robinhood

- Coinmine updates

- What is 'Handshake'?

- Why you shouldn't know who is creating crypto

- How many people work at Coinmine?

- Thoughts on Shopify

- Why does Farbood invest in Shopify?

- Running his business with Opensource?

- 8th and 9th level of the internet

- Citizen tech


Connect with Farbood and Coinmine:


Instagram: @getcoinmine