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Lindzanity with Howard Lindzon

Jun 11, 2019

In this episode of Lindzanity, Howard sits down with friend and founding partner at ViaWest Group that specializes in commercial real estate investments, development, and property management. They talk about where commercial real estate is going globally, within Phoenix, and how Wework has changed the business. 

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Show Notes:

- How did Steven Schwarz start ViaWest Group?

- Why did Steven Schwarz move to Phoenix?

- What is "Sexy Money"

- How is the Phoenix real estate market?

- What is Howards take on the Phoenix real estate market?

- What is "absorption"?

- Pace at which Phoenix is "absorbing"

- What Steven is worried about in the market

- What other cities does Steven like working in?

- How did 2008 effect ViaWest?

- How did ViaWest get out of bank trouble?

- How did they start raising capital?

- What is Wework?

- What are problems with owning office space?

- How has Wework improved the business office model?

- How does Wework push innovation?

- What is an "Opportunity Zone"?

- Who does Steven trust to learn info from?

- How do people invest with ViaWest?

- How does Steven invest personally

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Instagram: @howardlindzon

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